Our objective is to be a best-in-class alternative asset manager by hiring, developing and retaining the best people and by partnering with the highest quality investors, counterparties and service providers. Our success in achieving these goals is driven by our King Street culture, which is defined by the following values:

  • Excellence.  Commitment to best practices and continuous improvement through humility, a strong work ethic, detail-orientation and thoughtful decision-making.
  • Long-term Approach.  Patience and discipline to navigate volatile markets and build a stable and enduring business.
  • Teamwork.  Collaboration within and across all functional areas and geographies, including a centrally- managed investment team (no silos), which maximizes alignment of interests and provides the flexibility to deploy capital in the best ideas.
  • Transparency.  Open communication and appropriate sharing of information to maximize our internal effectiveness and ability to partner with others.
  • Integrity.  The highest standards of ethics, compliance, business conduct and fairness, fostering an environment of trust.
  • Risk Management.  Focus on identifying and mitigating business risk in the broadest sense, both investment and operational.